The Painterly Approach: An Artists Guide To Seeing, Painting And Expressing

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Seller Inventory t. Seller Inventory M Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Bob Rohm. Publisher: North Light Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Create paintings with feeling The Painterly Approach bridges the gap between what you see as an artist, and what you feel. Clearly illustrates how to choreograph color, value, composition, texture and other fundamental elements to achieve those elusive qualities of mood and emotion Features 9 step-by-step demonstrations in oil, pastel and acrylic on capturing a vivid sense of time and place Covers brushstrokes, painting with a palette knife, edge control, shadows and other advanced art techniques This book focuses primarily on landscape painting but offers valuable lessons for approaching any subject in a personal and engaging way.

About the Author : Bob Rohm lectures, demonstrates and teaches painting workshops internationally.

Buy New Learn more about this copy. Customers who bought this item also bought. I have 2 paintings in this show. It is brimming with inspired ideas to wrap up your shopping list and simplify the holidays. I will have 6 mini paintings featured at the show, all still life paintings, created with oil and cold wax on cradled wood panel. Come by and check out the range of art available!

Art as expression

I love painting landscapes and am looking forward to giving this demo! Discover how oil and cold wax painting encourages an expressive approach for luminous and emotive abstract landscapes. Explore the beauty and possibilities of oil and cold wax medium, including the ability to create a variety of textures, spontaneous and intuitive mark-making, and layering for translucency and depth. Space is limited and registration is required.

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See Demo Details. Come by for high tea service, a silent art auction and more. Proceeds go to Richmond Art Gallery. Event Details and Purchase Tickets. Looking forward to giving this fun demo! Discover how oils and cold wax encourages a painterly approach for dog portraits.

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Explore the beauty and possibilities of oil and cold wax medium, starting from an underpainting to a finished portrait. Learn about values, colors, brushwork and mark-making.

July 6-August 18, This exhibition challenges twelve visual artists to create work in two opposing styles, requiring them to push their creative limits. Composing two works — one following a realist approach, and the other abstracted, using the same subject. All artists in this exhibition predominantly work in either abstract or realist styles. Some favouring to create compositions of abstracted form and colour, removed from exact representation. Others choosing to create work based in realism, creating accurate, representational depictions of their subjects and daily life.

We all have a comfort zone that we like to inhabit, a place that is safe and familiar. This exhibition helps us look at what happens when we step out of the familiarity of our comfort zones and start to defy our personal norms. Through the act of painting in an opposing style to what they are used to, each artist in this show is facing their fears, entering the unknown, and displaying work that will be unfamiliar and potentially unrecognizable to their captive audience. Stepping out of our comfort zone allows us to embrace the new, display our vulnerabilities, and face potential failure, but, also transition and transform.

Discover how cold wax painting encourages a painterly approach for abstract landscapes. Come by the Granville Island Farmers Market to learn more about the Federation of Canadian Artists and check out some art and plein air painting. I will be live painting from 10am-3pm. Discover techniques for creating abstract prints with vibrant color and texture, and get tips for creating prints with realistic subjects.

Embrace the organic spontaneity of the process, and see how varied mark-making with a range of tools and monoprinting in layers can add textural interest and create depth. Learn how to use prints as building blocks to create larger works. APRIL 3 — Happy to be a part of this floral-themed group exhibition. This exhibition will display artwork alongside Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. March 26, pm. From dramatic landscapes, bold abstracts, exquisitely detailed oil, and fantastical photography, every medium, style, and subject is explored. Have fun discovering new artists and favourites with an opportunity to rent and buy the artwork right off the gallery walls.

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Positively Petite is an annual exhibition that showcases miniature artworks in in various media. I will have 8 mini paintings featured at the show, all still life paintings, created with oil and cold wax on wood panel. I will have 6 paintings featured at the show, all still life paintings, created with oil and cold wax on wood panel.

ISBN 13: 9781581809985

There will be over works on display. Come check out the sheer variety of art and see if you can spot my 3 paintings! Is it the emotion being expressed that counts or the relief at having expressed it? This is an objection to all accounts of expression as process: how is any light at all cast upon the work of art by saying that the artist went through any expressive process or through any process whatever in the genesis of it?

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If the artist was relieved at the end of it, so much the better, but this fact is as aesthetically irrelevant as it would be if the artist had committed suicide at the end of it or taken to drink or composed another work immediately thereafter. Another problem should be noted: assuming that artists do relieve their oppressed states of mind through creating, what connection has this with the exact words or score or brushstrokes that they put on paper or canvas? Feelings are one thing, words and visual shapes and tones are quite another; it is these latter that constitute the art medium, and in them that works of art are created.

The expressionists have indeed brought out and emphasized one important distinction: between the processes involved in art and in craft. The craftsperson knows at the beginning of the processes exactly what sort of end product is wanted: for example, a chair of specific dimensions made of particular materials. A good efficient craftsperson knows at the beginning how much material it will take to do the job, which tools, and so forth. They cannot state in advance what a completed work of art will be like: the poet cannot say what words will constitute the completed poem or how many times the word the will occur in it or what the order of the words will be—that can be known only after the poem has been created, and until then the poet cannot say.

The open-ended process described as art rather than craft characterizes all kinds of creation: of mathematical hypotheses and of scientific theory, as well as art. What distinguishes creation from all other things is that it results in a new combination of elements, and it is not known in advance what this combination will be.

Thus, one may speak of creating a work of sculpture or creating a new theory, but rarely of creating a bridge unless the builder was also the architect who designed it, and then it is to the genesis of the idea for the bridge, not to its execution, that the word creation applies. This, then, is a feature of creation; it is not clear that it is a feature of expression whatever is being done in expressing that is not already being done in creating.

Is it necessary to talk about expression, as opposed to creation, to bring out the distinction between art and craft? There does not seem to be any true generalization about the creative processes of all artists nor even of great artists. Others are consciously active, knowing very much what they want in advance and figuring out exactly how to do it for example, the 19th-century U. There appears to be no true generalization that can be made about the process of artistic creation—certainly not that it is always a process of expression.

For the appreciation of the work of art, no such uniformity, of course, is necessary, greatly though it may be desired by theorists of artistic creation. The main difficulties in the way of accepting conclusions about the creative process in art are 1 that artists differ so much from one another in their creative processes that no generalizations can be arrived at that are both true and interesting or of any significance and 2 that in the present stage of psychology and neurology very little is known about the creative process—it is surely the most staggeringly complex of all the mental processes in human beings, and even simpler human mental processes are shrouded in mystery.