Revelation: The Personal Message

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The excerpts above were taken from Newman, Michael W. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, This book will be used as a resource and a reference throughout this message series.

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  • It also contains a study guide with questions for individual and group discussion for each of the 22 chapters of Revelation. These books are available at Redeemer by the Sea now for a reduced rate, thanks to the generosity of the author.

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    I encourage you to pick up a copy and read it throughout this message series and perhaps even use it with your small group to extend the learning and discussion. Whereas mystery implies something that needs to be solved … revelation describes something that was formerly hidden, but is now made visible.

    What the book of Revelation makes known about God may surprise some, and may offend others, but it will leave no doubt as to what the future holds — the triumphal return of Christ! May you be blessed as you discover what Jesus reveals through this book.


    Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. I could understand their feelings; nevertheless, I needed to know the truth for myself, no matter what the consequences. One day, as the missionaries taught me about the First Vision, the Holy Spirit testified powerfully to me that the Prophet Joseph Smith had indeed seen the Father and the Son.

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    I know it is true! Again I experienced that peaceful and joyful feeling I had felt earlier. I was grateful for the new life the Lord was offering me through the missionaries.

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    The blessings soon followed. Two months after my baptism, I baptized my youngest sister and brother.

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    And a year later I began my service as a full-time missionary in southern Chile. My mother was baptized while I was in the field, and I was able to baptize my father when I returned home. My two sisters and my brother also served honorable missions. Months after I returned from my mission, I met my sweet wife, Adriana, and we were sealed in the temple.

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    We were blessed with three children born in the covenant. All of this is because I listened to the quiet promptings that testified to me of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the restored Church. How grateful I am for the gift of personal revelation! The prophet Joel foresaw the latter days approximately 3, years ago and spoke about revelation.