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A woman was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading no contest to stalking and threatening actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. In court, Zeta-Jones called the woman "evil" and said "Your actions will be with me the rest of my life — how I will be constantly observing, looking over my shoulder," the Associated Press reported in A California man pleaded no contest to stalking Halle Berry in January He was sentenced to more than a year in county jail and five years' probation.

The man allegedly snuck onto Berry's property several times. Gwyneth Paltrow reported receiving as many as five letters a day from an Ohio pizza deliveryman, who also was accused of sending her candy, flowers and pizza. The actress said in court that the man showed up at her parents' home. The man pleaded no contest to stalking in and was sent to a state mental health facility. Janet Jackson won a restraining order against a New York man in whom she claimed had been stalking her for nine years.

The year before, Jackson was at a "Saturday Night Live" rehearsal when the man appeared at the show's New York studio armed with a box cutter and a knife, Jackson alleged. A drifter from Idaho was sentenced to three years in prison in for violating a restraining order that banned him from going near Mel Gibson. Upon his release from prison, Hoskins completed a stay at Atascadero State Hospital, where he was found to be mentally disturbed.

When he was convicted of vandalism in July , he was sent to a psychiatric facility. On February 3, he escaped custody and disappeared for a week before he was finally apprehended. The police had warned the nearby community that he was dangerous when off his medication.

Inside the mind of a celebrity stalker

Before , there were few celebrity stalkers bent on lethal intent, but after the fatal shooting of John Lennon, they've increased. Celebrity stalking is a symptom of our image-dominated culture. There are numerous websites devoted to it, and some participants think that celebrities deserve it. As fans accept the thinning of personal boundaries via blogs, social pages, and intrusive videos, there develops a parallel increase in their desire to trespass into the lives of the rich and famous.

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There's only a thin line of defense, because there's so little accountability for what gets printed or aired, and the details of celebrity lives have grown increasingly more intimate and salacious. Some of them add the fuel themselves to the fire.

Controversial documentary about stalkers - I'm Your Number One Fan

As the loss of privacy in our culture converges with the demand to know every detail about celebrity lives, we can expect to see more stalkers, some of whom will certainly be lethal. I've got experience in three main sections of the entertainment industry. I have not embarked upon any potential contracts. They are using an object defied form and insincere form of human expression to make money. They are choosing to make themselves and object. They toy with lust.

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Just like any other product - businesses want people to obsess over the product. So they get you by stocking your mind in owning your attention. A woman's MO is very deceptive. The initiator of stocking and sexual harassment is the music actor movie actor porn actor model actor.

Sandra Bullock stalker: Inside the mind of a celebrity stalker

How parasitic! She makes a dominance with a cosmetic and digital fraud - an illusion version of herself. They are the offenders.

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  7. You may be one of the people described in the piece above. No one is allowed to harass anyone else, nor are they relieved of blame in any way. They can simply not view or listen to any material of the person being stalked, the famous person has no choice but to be harassed by them. That's merely one of a million reasons why it's wrong, but I fear you're excusing behaviors you have exhibited.

    They need to stock and on your attention. This is the way they get you to buy their objectified self on the shelf, and or - to go by their objectified self on the concert stage. Some of them personally toy with others.

    Could you become a celebrity stalker?

    They sing songs that insinuate somebody could have a chance with them, they demonstrate that they were are waiting for somebody to come save them, they googly eye, stare, they gaze hard at the camera, while gazing they touch their near nude body, they wink at the camera, and so on.

    Some offenders, even act imitate singing from written scripts that they are a piece of material, and they act, that they fell in love with a beautiful stranger! Selena stalker Thomas Brodnicki said he had over fifty conversations with God a day about killing her. I do not wish to object to the restraining order against me because I know it is the only thing that will make me stay away from Selena. It got to intense that she was granted a permanent restraining order that even forbid him from tweeting her. She was sentences to three years in prison.

    A fan got too close to Rihanna after he threw a chair through her window, broke into her house and insisted he was her future husband. Dante Michael Solu became obsessed with Gwynnie he sent her five letters a day as well as boxes of porn.

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    Finally he was declared insane after sending her a vibrator telling her he loved her.